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    November 12, 2017 at 10:19 pm #2108

    Hi people,
    I bought Rigel a couple of weeks ago, to promote my recent self-employment.
    However, I’m running into problems.

    Useful to know: I’m a software developer, have some experience with HTML/CSS/PHP but it’s been a few years…
    So I will be a quick learner but I might be missing some basics.

    I was pulled into buying the theme mainly by the look of the Main Demo, and expected I would be able to reproduce this fairly easily (except for the beautiful girl, of course).
    However, I’m having trouble doing the simplest things, like:
    – tweaking position of the logo and the menubar (before and after scrolling);
    – inserting a full-width picture (works, but cannot get it seamless like in the demo site);
    – changing the color of the menu and partial transparency on the topbar.

    The only way I see possible right now is by editing the CSS directly in the framework/css folder… which I was hoping to avoid by buying a theme 😊
    Can you point out where to look for tweaks? My site up till now is shown below Alexa Clark.

    If it’s possible to just point me to a url where I can login to WP (without editing permissions of course) and see the pages and files of the demo sites, I might be able to learn even faster.

    Thanks in advance!

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